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Glutathione Injection

We provide high-quality glutathione pushes in Sutton London at our healthcare Monteiros aesthetics clinic.
Mosts of patients who come to our clinic for glutathione Injections therapy are striving for brighter, younger, healthier-looking skin or for its powerful detoxifying capacity. However, this hard-working nutrient has many more benefits for your health, including reducing cellular damage and scavenging free radicals from the body.

What is glutathione + do I need it?

Glutathione is a combination of three amino acids: cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine. It is known as the ‘master antioxidant’ – and for good reason! Naturally occurring in the liver, it is the body’s natural ‘detoxifier’ which works to clear toxins from the body. Glutathione is required by almost all body functions and is found in most cells in the body.
Glutathione production unfortunately decreases with age. This is one reason why age spots are common as we grow older. This decline in production worsens with a high-stress lifestyle, poor eating habits or poor quality food, excessive toxins like smoking, alcohol or environmental pollutants and poor sleep amongst other reasons.
When you don’t have enough in your body, it can suffer from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Many chronic health conditions are associated with low glutathione levels, including and heart disease.

What does it do?

Glutathione has many possible benefits including:

• Improves the appearance of the skin (including dark spots, freckles, uneven skin tone, blemishes, liver spots, and signs of ageing).
• Reverses the dark melanin pigments in the skin, thus reducing hyperpigmentation.
• Improves pigmentation from sun-damaged skin.
• Helps to strengthen immune function.
• Breaks down free radicals which are created during exposure to hot and cold environmental temperatures, toxicity, and UV light from the sun. Additional sources of free radicals include exhaust fumes and pollutants for those in the City, and recirculated air for those who travel a lot by trains or planes.
• Supports cell regeneration including tissue building, cell growth, and wound healing.
• Aids detoxification of heavy metals.
• Prevents oxidative cell damage.

• It is a very powerful detox agent which can help to reduce cell damage in the liver and help counter the toxic effects of many drugs, malnutrition, and diseases (chronic or acute).
Glutathione can be administered either as a drip or a push. But what’s the difference? A glutathione injection push are just different ways of delivering the nutrients to your cells. Glutathione isn’t easily absorbed from food sources; both IV drips and pushes bypass the gut (which is where many of the nutrients are lost when taken orally) and are delivered straight into your bloodstream to be used directly

• The Monteiros aesthetics
We use the very best quality vitamins and nutrients available and can tailor your injection vitamin therapy to your body’s exact requirements. Our glutathione is always delivered with Vitamin C as this increases absorption, irrespective of whether you opt for injection
An initial consultation whit ours experts will happen upon arrival at the clinic. We use this to not only make sure you are medically fit and well, but to help us understand your own needs and ensure the treatment is best suited to your body’s needs. If desired, we can further tailor by adding additional vitamins and nutrients. If you are deemed suitable you’ll receive the treatment straight away.

The procedure itself is carried out by clinician experts

Glutathione Push injection(600mg) + vitamin C – single treatment
£ 110
Glutathione 1200mg + vitamin C – single treatment
£ 145
Glutathione 1800mg + vitamin Injection C – single treatment
Glutathione 600mg + vitamin C – course of 6
£ 550
Glutathione 1200mg + vitamin C – course of 6
£ 660
Glutathione 1800mg + vitamin C – course of 6
£ 900
Glutathione 2400mg + vitamin C – course of 6
£ 1000

vitamin c

Vitamin C Injections deliver pure vitamin C directly into the bloodstream via an intramuscular (IM) injection. Regular Vitamin C Injections can enhance physical wellbeing and prevent the onset of illness, this is because vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that protects the body against the effects of harmful agents.

Vitamin C – 500mg

Vitamin C is a powerful natural antioxidant and helps to protect the body. It is vital for healthy skin, blood vessels, bones, and cartilage. It also promotes and aids in healing.
Not getting enough Vitamin C can leave you feeling sluggish, run-down, prone to frequent bouts of illness, and looking tired.
Injecting Vitamin C delivers the perfect amount of this vital vitamin directly, leaving you feeling and looking fantastic. Because the injections are delivered directly into the bloodstream, they are perfect for those with sensitive stomachs, as oral supplements can irritate the stomach. The body only absorbs 15% of an oral supplement, whereas it can take in much more when it is delivered via IM or IV.
Vitamin C has a positive impact on skin pigmentation, free radicals, resistance to allergies and some health conditions.
Our trained nurses will deliver your injection here at our Doncaster clinic.

Benefits of Vitamin C Injections

• Absorbed better than oral supplements
• Reduces fatigue
• Improves the look and quality of the skin
• More gentle on sensitive stomachs
• Boosts the immune system
• Gives you more energy
Treatment Price
£ 35
Course of 6
£ 200
Course of 12
£ 380

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vitamin C Injections safe?

Perfectly safe. The correct dose will be calculated before a trained and experienced nurse delivers it to you. Because the injection goes directly into your bloodstream.

Can B12 Shots Boost Your Immune System?

B12 shots are well known to boost mood and energy. But did you know that B12 can help boost your immune system too? This versatile B-complex vitamin plays a role in many different systems throughout the body.
Our immune systems work day and night to keep us healthy. During cold and flu season, they work extra hard to prevent us from catching what’s going around at school or the workplace. Vitamin B12 shots and infusions can not only give you a jolt of energy and boost your mood, they can also help keep your immune system in top condition.

Vitamin B12 and your Immune System

The B-vitamin complex supports many different systems and is a cofactor in the regular function of many proteins and lipids. B12 contributes to the normal function of the red blood cell development and normal DNA maintenance required to keep your body in top shape.
In addition, B12 helps your metabolism convert food into the energy your body needs to meet the challenges of the day. Combined, these factors contribute to a healthy immune system that is ready to fight off illnesses year-round.
B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, meaning that your body does not keep a store on-hand, and so must be replenished daily. Because B12 occurs naturally in many types of food, this vitamin is readily available as a normal part of most diets. However, deficiencies can occur whether due to inadequacies in intake or malabsorption due to a medical condition.

Signs of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

There are many potential symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency. The exact manifestations will vary from person to person and can overlap with other conditions. These symptoms can vary in severity.
Vitamin B12 deficiencies can cause several different symptoms, including:
– Pernicious anemia
– Weakness
– Numbness in arms or legs
– Fatigue
– Depression
– Autoimmune thyroiditis
– Chronic urticaria
Individuals who have digestive disorders that reduce the absorption efficiency of B12 can develop deficiencies in this vitamin. Certain diets, such as veganism or vegetarianism, can also lead to deficiencies if not properly supplemented.

Ways to Naturally Incorporate Vitamin B12 Into Your Life

For the most part, incorporating B12 into your diet is sufficient to maintain a normal level of this vitamin in your body. B12 is a widely available vitamin that is found in foods such as shellfish, meat, dairy, eggs, and fortified cereals and grains. Over-the-counter supplements are another way to incorporate B12 into your diet.
Individuals with vitamin B12 deficiency can benefit from shots and infusions. Intravenous doses of B12 bypass the digestive system, making this type of delivery a great option for people who are unable to ingest oral supplements due to certain medical conditions.
While the amount of B12 is the same across both shots and infusions, the benefits are slightly different depending on which option you choose.
• B12 shot: A concentrated dose of Vitamin B12 that is delivered directly into the bloodstream for a fast, convenient boost of your mood, energy levels, and immune health.
• Vitamin B12, among other vitamins and minerals, is administered directly into the bloodstream by way of an intravenous saline solution, providing hydration as well as immune, mood, and energy boosts.
Certain individuals may have difficulties absorbing vitamins orally due to illnesses or other preexisting conditions. Both shots and infusions are delivered directly into the bloodstream, ensuring a 100% absorption rate for both shots and infusions

1 single treatment
£ 25
Course of 6
£ 100

Biotin injection

Suggestions for healthy hair, skin, and nails
Some hair loss after pregnancy is normal and inevitable. But there are a few things you can do to take care of your appearance post-baby.
Rather than taking straight B7 or a “beauty supplement,” consider continuing with your instead. The standard prenatal vitamin has everything women need for daily health – plus, you’ll get a safe level of biotin to help restore your glow.
If you have long hair, try soft scrunchies or clips to hold up your hair instead of elastics. Less breakage leads to better-looking, more supple hair. And try to avoid blow-drying, flat-ironing, or curling your hair for a few weeks as your body adjusts – heat damage can increase hair loss. With a new baby and the going on, you may find yourself going more casual anyway!
You might want to invest in a thick lotion for your skin and nails. As a new mom – particularly during the pandemic – you’re going to be washing your hands a lot. A good lotion can help soothe dry skin and reduce cuticle and nail damage.
And, as always, eat a healthy diet. Biotin is just one of many vitamins that support overall health

Biotin, also known as Vitamin H, is known for its ability to make hair strong and shiny, preventing hair loss, and also to strengthen brittle nails. It’s also an essential component in helping the body convert food into energy, and helping to metabolise fats and protein.

Biotin (5mg)

Biotin improves the basic protein that makes up hair, skin and nails. This protein is called keratin. Biotin deficiency can cause dry skin, brittle nails and hair, as well as hair loss.
Biotin can be taken in a tablet form or given intramuscularly as an injection. Most supplements are not effectively absorbed by our bodies through ingestion and thus intramuscular biotin injection has been helpful in increasing biotin levels faster in many patients.
For many people, a Vitamin H deficiency can lead to significant problems with their skin’s inner health and outer appearance. Dry, itchy skin is one of the most common issues, although more serious conditions like acne and psoriasis can also arise. Keep in mind that if you don’t nourish your skin from the inside, resulting hormonal issues can result in serious skin problems on the outside. In most cases, a biotin supplement can correct the issue, improving skin and helping to create a youthful glow.
Higher doses of biotin have resulted in significant nail health improvement. Studies have shown that those who take a biotin supplement can thicken their nails by up to 25 percent and decrease the amount of nail splitting and breakage they endure.

Benefits of Biotin

• Aid in healthy sweat glands
• Nerve tissue and bone marrow
• Improves acne and eczema
• Strengthen hair and nails
• Aid in preventing hair loss
• Increase metabolism and speed up weight
£ 45
Course of 6
£ 260
Course of 12
£ 380

Feel Rejuvenated With Our Vitamin B Complex Shot
Why Choose IV Boost

• Kickstarts your weight loss journey
• Boosts mood and beats the energy drain
• Enjoy glowing complexion and lustrous locks

B Complex Shot is a combination of all the essential water-soluble vitamins in the vitamin B group, including B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6.
B vitamins are an essential building block of a healthy body. It has a direct impact on our energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism

Vitamin B-Complex Injections
A B-Complex Injection contains all of the B Vitamins in one injection. This combines the benefits of B6 and B12, as well as other vitamins such as Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), Pantothenic Acid (B5), Biotin (B7) and B9 (Folate).
Vitamin B1’s greatest function is stress reduction. It is often called “the anti-stress vitamin” because it protects the bodies immune system and helps keep your body and mind clear of unhealthy distractions. Vitamin B1 also helps break down carbohydrates in the body during digestion.

Vitamin B2 is packed with antioxidants, helping to fight off free radicals that can lead to various diseases and ailments. The antioxidants also helps your heart stay youthful and strong, preventing the early onset of heart disease. Another crucial function of Riboflavin is it aids in the production of red blood cells, which are essential to getting the oxygen you need throughout your body.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) is an incredibly useful vitamin for health and wellness. It primarily helps to boost high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, also known as HDL cholesterol. HDL cholesterol is the good cholesterol that helps in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in your body. An added benefit of Niacin is that it has been shown to treat acne when used topically, injected or ingested.

Vitamin B5 is helpful in breaking down and metabolizing fats and carbohydrates into energy. Along with aiding in your metabolism, Vitamin B5 is responsible for producing sexual hormones like testosterone as well as stress-related hormones. B5 also helps get you healthy skin and reduce signs of aging on the skin.

Vitamin B7 is also know as “the beauty vitamin” because of the positive effects it can have on your hair, nails and skin. Along with its cosmetic benefits, Vitamin B7 can help people with Diabetes control high blood glucose levels as well. Finally, Vitamin B7 is essential for pregnant woman because it is important for the growth of the baby.

Vitamin B9 is also known as Folate or Folic Acid, and is a helpful supplement to fight depression. Vitamin B9 may also help in the prevention of memory loss. Finally, Vitamin B9 is an essential vitamin for babies because it helps with normal growth and can help prevent birth defects.



Single shoot
£ 50
Ad B12
£ 70


Microneedling works by stimulating the production of new collagen in the skin. This is achieved by puncturing the dermis with microscopic needles. The treatment utilises the skins ability to heal itself, in turn triggering the production of new collagen. In addition to treating pores, fine wrinkles, loss of elasticity, minor scarring (including acne scarring) and sun damage it also enables topical products to penetrate deeper into the skin, increasing their effectiveness.
• Stimulates collagen production
• Improves skin texture
• Reduces fine-lines and wrinkles
• Improves acne scarring
• Smooths and firms skin
• Treats



Collagen is a protein that gives our skin its structure, working like a netting to hold skin cells together. It also gives skin a smooth and youthful appearance, as we have it in abundance when we are young. As we age, collagen starts to breakdown, which can lead to fine lines and wrinkles.

As the skin begins to repair itself, it turbo-charges the body’s natural ability to produce collagen. The tiny needles used in the procedure create microscopic channels in the dermis that stimulate that healing process.

The procedure improves skin texture, reduces the appearance of scars and creates a more youthful tone. It’s no surprise that this treatment has been hailed as a non-invasive way to achieve youthful, dewy looking skin.

“A Breakthrough treatment delivering
line and blemish-free skin”





Medical Microneedling also referred to as Collagen Induction Therapy, works for a variety of skin conditions, including:– Treatment of scars (including burn scars, acne scars and surgical scars)

– Stretch marks (including post pregnancy)

– Wrinkles and fine lines

– Pigmentation marksMicroneedling produces channels in the dermis which stimulate the body’s natural defenses to repair the skin. This leads to the production of concentrated amounts of collagen and proteins to the treated areas of the skin. This results in the skins thickness being increased by up to 80%, smoothing scars, visibly reducing stretch marks and erasing wrinkles.


There is very little down time, although expect your skin to look and feel mildly sunburnt for about 24 hours after the treatment. It will also start to flake after a day or two as the skin cells slough off. This is a normal reaction and after about a week you’ll see the new, brighter, smooth skin appear. A topical cream is used to lessen sensitivity on the face, so there is no pain during the treatment.


It varies by patient, but immediate side effects include redness, flaking, and mild irritation on the treated areas. These aren’t anything to worry about and will subside within 24-72 hours. It may be difficult to apply makeup over treated skin whilst it is flaking; similar to skin peeling after sunburn. Do not exfoliate as this will irritate the skin .

Summer offers

micro needling treatment is £150.00 per session. This would be scar on the face or body, up to 5cm in diameter. you will need 3-5 sessions spaced 5-6 weeks apart

When you purchase 5 to 3 treatments on the day £120 per treatments.

Treatments of Russian fillers

The Russian lips are to for everyone. Everyone is different Monteiro’s beauty clinic, natural is what we always strive for . So not going to suite your face we will recommend agains it while working to create a beautiful results you’ll be madly in love whit

That said if this the look for you the are few things you you need to keep in mind if your had lips fillers before, then fillers will have to be dissolved 2 weeks prior to getting the Russian lips for this look our injectors a blank canvas

This is because whit the Rochan lips technique your injector doesn’t start from the lips border working the way in , the actually do the opposite. They work product from the insides out and so they won’t want you to already have to already have feelers at the borders of the lips . Whit the Russian lips technique we are really focusing on fillers in the centre of the lips opposite to entire lips .

On that that not if your aren’t a Russian lips new newbie and are coming in to maintain your Russian lips results this would not be dissolved prior to your treatment.

Should I except anything different whit the Russian lips

getting Russian lips is pretty much the same as getting lips fillers treatments the treatments can take a little longer more precision .you may also have a bit more brushing and swelling following yours treatments

Will this lips injections hurt

No. The are actually fewer injections needed for this look this look and only one that is placed at the lip

Border , which is where we find patients are most sensitive plus you inject will apply a topical aesthetic to ensure you feel no discomfort .

As Are comfortable as possible

How long does the Russian lips last ?

You can expect the Russian lip to last longer as regular clips fillers. Anywhere from 6-12 month . The cost is little higher, tough As often requires more feller and more treatment time .

After tips

Your lips will likely be swelling after procedure. You may also notice some redness or bruising at the injections site, which is Norma,most side effects will be minor , and you will be able to resume most active one e the procedure is done .

Apply ice to your afterwards using an ice pack or ice cub covered I cloth so it does stick to lip and course pain this will help ease swelling, itching. Brushing and any other pain. Avoid strenuous exercise for 24hrs to 48hrs after you get lips or any other dermal fillers. Elevated blood pressure and hearth rate from exercise may make swelling or brushing worse

You can take arnica for bruising if your Dr approve. It’s fine to engage in light activity like walking

Stay hydrated. Drink drinking plenty of water will help you body heal

Eat plenty of hydrating fruits vegetables and try to avoid excess sodium, which may worse the swelling

Avoid higher temperatures like steam rooms saunas, or heated exercise classes for 48 hours after treatments.higher heat can make swelling more pronounced.

Ask your Dr which pain painkillers are ok to in day after you’re treatments

Normally Tylenol will be fine , but not blood thinning medication like ibuprofen

If you getting lip feelers for specific events , make sure to leave plenty of time in between the procedure to allow your lips to recover.

Try to sleep whit your head elevated on pillow to reduce to swelling. Do not not sleep on your face .

Avoid make up on your lips for up yo 24 hours

After the treatments .

Here to avoid

Here are few other things your Dr.will like to recommend you .Lip fillers


Stop smoking

Smoking can increase the risk of infection, so it’s important not to smoker immediately after getting the lips fillers . You also may want to avoid being around others who’s smoke.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol act a blood thinner, and should be avoided for at least 24hrs after getting lips done avoid for at last 24 Hours after getting lips fillers. Alcohol can cause inflammation,

increase the likelihood of busing , and makes swelling worse . It’s also a good idea to avoid alcohol a few days before your appointment.

When will it achieve at the find look

Your immediate results whit lips , but once the swelling goes down , the results will not look quite as pronounced. It typically takes about 4 weeks for the fillers to settle in and achieve the fine desired look .the results will typically last about 6 months

When have to see the Dr while minored side effects like swelling and redness are normal . See the DR if you experience any competitions.

Intensive bruising or swelling if you exercise intensive bruising or swelling more than a week , check in whit in your Dr it’s rare, but allergies and reactions to hyaluronic acid are possible

Cold sores

You Dr will ask if you prone to cold sores or hero’s simplex virus 1 (HsV-1) Derma fillers can trigger an outbreak, whit may require antiviral treatments. It’s best to discuss whit your Dr if you’ve had herpes outbreak after receiving Dermal filler in the past

What do do & what to avoid, Before your fillers treatments

In oder to reduce the amount of bruising and / or swelling from the injection sites , please follow instructions

!!!! Avoid blood thinning over-the -counter medication such as aspirin, Motrin , I ibuprofen, and aleve for 1 week period . Please consult physically of your takin aspirin for medical reasons.

Avoid -topical products such as tertian RetinA , Retinol , Retinoids , Glycolic acid , or anti- ageing products for 3 days prior Avoid waxing bleaching, tweezing , or hair removal cream on the area to be treated for 3 days Prior Do not drink schoolgirl 24hrs prior to treatment If you have previously suffer from facial cold Sores , there is a risk that needles puncture could Contribute to anther eruption of cold sores .

Please Let Dr. Kanowski .

Do not use Derma fillers if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, are allergic to any ingredient, or suffer from neurological disorders. Please inform us if you have any questions about this prior to yours treatments.

Day of the treatment arrive to the clinic whit a clean face -washed and without make up In. Oder to maximize your comfort during the procedure, a local numbing medication will be injected into around the area (s) to be treated

Whit frist hrs

Immediately after treatment, the are may be redness , bruising, swelling, tenderness, massaging , or piking around the injections site. This is normal and generally disappear Whit-in any few hours to few days if these symptoms last more last more than 3 days please contact us

As part of your after care we will provide whit ice , arnica cream and tablets, and bromeliad tablet all of which can reduce or resolve potential bruising

You may take acetaminophen Tylenol )not to reduce any pain as necessary

Whit 6 to 10 Hours treatments

Avoid drinking alcohol or partying in strenuous

Exercise , as swelling and redness area (s). Hot tubs ,or hot wax also avoid extreme old such as as skiing or other winter sports

To help alleviate bruising, we recommend the topical application after arnica-natural ointment commonly use to reduce bruising. You can find this in natural ointment commonly

Use to reduce bruising natural food store, or at local pharmacy. We will also provide you whit some in our clinic

Minimise movements of the tread area (s).

However, if you there is a visible bump , you can Massage the area . Depending on the area treated and the area can be gently washed whit a gentle cleansers recommend using a sensitive cleansers such as sanitary products line cetaphil To avoid additional skin intimations

Please contact us immediately if you experience Fever ad or chill

If the areas appears red , hot to the touch, and angry looking

Saver pain or increasing pain discomfort blotches in are not injected or blanching of injected are .

Additional Derma fillers after care recommend

For most patients, the benefits of Derma fillers

Can be enhanced by using a medical/grad skin care system, a such as Obagi Environ Products contains vitamin-c can strength the skin and improve laxity and texturing. Additionally , uses of Trentonoin or ( Retin-A)

Helps rebuild cells in the skins epidermis or top layers). Over time , tretonoin can strengthen skin , improving firmness and resiliency .

Tretonoin Retin -(A)

Is available for purchase in ours clinic

For more information please can’t us skin experts

Promotional offer – Russian lips 150£ 1 ml/ 1,5ml 200£ 2ml 260£

What is botulinum toxin

Yup A the cosmetic form of botulinum toxin some time referred to as ‘’ Botox ‘ by patient’s, is a popular injection that temporally reduces or eliminate facial fine lines and wrinkles. The most commonly treated area as frown forehead creases , crown feet near the eye . Several others area have been treated such as think bands in neck , thick jaw muscles , lip line and gummy smiles

Botulinum toxin is purified substance that’s derived nerve bacteria. Injection of botulinum blocks the nerve spinal to the muscle in which it was injected. Without a signal, the muscle is not able to contact. The end result is diminished unwanted facial wrinkles or appearance.commonly known type of botulinum toxin type injections include Botox R,XeominR and jeuveau R .

Botulinum crown feet , forehead furrows , from lines lip line and bunny’s lines

Diminish neck bands


Lifer the corner of mouth

Soften a square jawline

Correct a gummy smile

The FDA has approved the use R for the frown

Lines and crown feet , whiles dysport R and exominR apropved for frown only all other uses are consider off label.

Pre – care treatment care tips

We will tell everything you need to know About your treatments,so don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have and follow the necessary care routine prescribed

However, we also understand that you may want to start preparing for your procedure by researching the necessary care routine you’re going to have to undertake ! The pre-care advice is simple:

it’s crucial that you dont consume alcohol last 24 Hours before undergoing Botox injections ,as the substance can Thin the blood and increase the possibility of bruising.

You should also avoid medications like blood .

thinning or anti-inflammatory lammatories likewise,avoid shaving products whit ;anti- aging substance, like retinol , glycolic acid and alpha hydrogen acid. In addition, make sure you’re not wearing make up on the day of the procedure and that you eat well as , otherwise, you might feel lightheaded during the treatment .

The best Botox after care tips

Aftercare is just important, if not more , as precare so make sure your doing everything right by discussing whit your Dr .

Some of the most common after care tips

Includes the facts that you don’t want to touch , massage or rub the affected area in any way for at least 2hours. , so as to prevent the Botox from spreading to other muscles.

Additionally, avoid strenuous exercise or activities as well, and don’t lie down for at least , 4hours after the procedure, so that the Botox won’t move to other areas .

Don’t undergo other treatments, like

Microdermabrasion, facial and chemical peels at last 24Hrs after the procedure as well staying out the sun for a while it’s also a good idea, at least until any redness or swelling has gone down . A cold pack or down can help you to reduce walling and minimise the bruising,but it’s important to avoid pressure, even after couples of days , to ensure the success of the Botox

It’s common for the results of the treatments to take up to around two weeks to take full effect, so wait until this time has passed before assessing Whether or not your happy with the results we’re here for you every step of the way if your looking for Botox in any of ours locations, so don’t hesitate to talk to us if have any questions, white the it’s about pre-care or after care .

Summer promotions up to 29th July

Promotional offer Botox 3 areas 120£ / 4 areas 150£ and full face (6 areas ) 280£.

Facial rejuvenation

We are excited to introduce the most advanced skin anti-age skin rejuvenation skin treatments at Monteiros clinic


Our most popular skin treatment; more than just a facial this is the ultimate custom designed, results driven experience.

Bio-Penta facials feature 5 different advanced technologies to effectively address even the most challenging skin conditions. From microsonic deep cleansing, to superior controlled exfoliation with hydrodermabrasion, we will take your skin to its highest level of clean, clear and smooth. Couple this with the power of our specialised microcurrent and ultrasound application that infuse active ingredients for instant hydration. It doesn’t stop there, we also utilise the Red, Blue and combination LED light therapy to refine pores, banish bacteria and boost overall skin renewal and regeneration. Your skin will look radiant and refreshed, with that all important healthy glow!

Your Bio-Penta facial will be bespoke and designed to your skin’s specific needs following a consultation with your qualified skin expert.

Bio-Penta Taster 30mins – £60.00

Bio-Penta 60mins – £90,00

Bio-Penta Ultimate 90mins – £ 145

To give you an example of the types of treatments we offer see below:

Bio-Penta Taster 30mins – A fantastic introduction to the Bio-Penta skin care services, perfect if time is an issue or if you just want to focus on one element. Our skin smoothing hydrodermabrasion will help to resurface and brighten your skin and is the next generation in microdermabrasion technology.

Age Management Facial 60mins – Designed to correct and minimise multiple signs of skin aging. This treatment is packed with skin nourishing nutrients like vitamins, plant based collagen and elastin, and peptides to repair and reveal smoother, more luminous skin. Photo damage and rough texture are eradicated with hydrodermabrasion and fine lines/wrinkles are softened using the highly advanced and renewing power of red light LED.

Clearing Facial 60mins – Stop breakouts and blemishes in their tracks with this clarity and purifying and oil regulating treatment. Key active ingredients like salicylic acid and niacinamide help prevent and speed up blemish clearing, while repairing peptides and vitamin C soothe inflammation and avert post acne scarring. Safe and effective extractions are incorporated into this service together with smoothing hydrodermabrasion, and blue light LED to help control early breakout formation. If you desire clean, clear skin and to face the world with true confidence, this treatment is for you!

Hydrating Facial 60mins – Everyone needs hydration! This service is ideal for travel weary, climate related or diet induced dehydrated, dry, parched skin. This facial helps clear away dead, flaky, dulling skin debris with hydrodermabrasion and is chock full of moisture binding hyaluronic acid. Advanced product application with microcurrent and super age fighting red light LED finish the lineup. The result? Softened lines and plump, dewy, flawless skin.

Brightening Facial 60mins – Achieving even skin tone is one of the top concerns for all skin types. Factors like post acne spots, hormonal fluctuations, genes, UV light, pollution, even light from mobile devices all increase the risk of hyperpigmentation on the skin. Help is here! Our multi-level hydrodermabrasion and layered approach together with LED is specifically designed to eradicate stubborn pigmentation and dark spots. This treatment infuses key ingredients to help brighten and lift dark spots, whilst helping to prevent future dark spots. Say hello to bright, even tones, luminous skin!

Bio-Penta Ultimate 90mins – This exclusive celebrity favourite ensures your skin is wedding, special occasion, or red carpet ready. It is quite literally like a line smoothing, skin firming filter for your face. Following our Age Management steps with microsonic cleansing, hydrodermabrasion smoothing, and LED pore perfecting, this treatment layers in key additions to plump, smooth and hydrate to achieve supreme skin vibrancy. It also features our specialised microcurrent toning application to improve facial contours by energising, lifting and firming the skin. The treatment is called the Ultimate for a reason, there is no better solution for achieving visible results.

Out bridal make up we use at the salon clinic Janet Iredell Laura Mercier

Fenty minerals foundation

We provide make Trial for the bridal cost £30

Iredale Mineral Cosmetics was formed in 1994 by Jane Iredale, who was the …

Known as ‘The Skin Care Makeup’, the Jane Iredale range of products is so beneficial and safe to use, that plastic surgeons and dermatologists all over the world recommend it. Combining the most up-to-date colours with skin care benefits

Jane Iredale is healthy for the skin because it does not clog pores, contains no talc and has virtually no allergy risk. It also provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection up to SPF 20. Jane Iredale offers complete coverage of skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and redness.

Jane iredale make-up is free from harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances or preservatives and is certified as cruelty-free. This commitment to clean has a positive impact not only on skin—but also on the planet. … Beauty that can strengthen skin with beneficial botanicals. Beauty that can bring out your absolute best.

Bridal package eyebrows wax

Hair up

Relaxing body massage

Back exfoliate and mask


Make up – prices starting from £500

Prices negotiable

festival special occasions make – treads

Supper glamor evening make – £80

Soft day makeup -£ 60