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Make Up

Find out below what those prices differences are and how you can benefit from the right choice of our services prices for you.

Make your dream wedding look a reality with us

Are you planning your wedding day? Congratulations! We at Monteiro’s offer the best Bridal Hair & Makeup experience in London & the South!
Our rigorous interview process ensures you peace of mind that your special day starts with the right set of hands!

You get first-hand experience with our stylists and make-up artists, who will give you the best-ever look on your big day. We are here available to take over on your wedding day ,to give you peace of mind on your big day. With us, you have the safety net of a renowned hair and beauty company that adds up to peace of mind on your big day.

How it works?

On the days before the wedding, you can book the appointment for your overall looks and trials. We will go through everything you need on the day. From colours you wish to wear to your lips, nails and hairstyle, we will conduct a trial so you are sure of what you want on your big day. You can bring any one friend or family member on the day of trails.

On the day of trials, we will ask you the colours you would love to wear on your big day in order to give the best selective make up of colours that will add up to your beauty. If any of family members would want a trial for themselves, then they are welcome to join you but there will be an additional charge of £25 per person. For more information on appointments please give as email or call to meet our beauty specialist.

Soft glamorous £20 / Hour
Super Glamour Make Up £30 / Hour